vestir / wear handmade

calças ela calças ele

Desafio deste outono/inverno: completar o guarda-roupa deles com artigos handmade,  em segunda mão, ou reciclados por mim – amigos do ambiente e da economia à escala humana.

Os leggings para ela e as calças de riscas para ele. Curiosamente, ambas as lojas são da Letónia.

Autumn/winter challenge: complete their wardrobe with handmade cloths,  used articles, or recicled by me – friends of the environment and of an economy at human scale.

This leggings for her and the stripe pants for him.  Curiously, both stores are in Latvia.


3 thoughts on “vestir / wear handmade

    • Oh, god, so sorry!! Absolutely. Going to correct it right away. I had some help with quick translation at Google’s and didn’t notice. In Portuguese we write it so very similar: Letonia – Lituania (Latvia-Lithuania), that It is hard to notice.
      And yes, I know Latvia, as a great friend has been there for a volunteership and felt in love with the country.
      Thank you :)

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