Petição “Europa sem austeridade”

Está a decorrer uma petição dirigida ao Parlamento Europeu exigindo a extinção das medidas de austeridade na Europa. Se concordarem passem por lá, assinem e, muito importante, divulguem.

Esta petição é proposta por Maarit Snellman da Finlandia, que defende:

European people need an economic policy and economic system which is for the benefit of all European citizens. Not just the 1 %.

Economic policy has to be economics and sustainability for all the citizens. The only way to cut down the growing poverty rates is to make permanent changes to the economic policy in Europe.

It has to mean living, health care and education for all of us.

The solution is already available. 2008 President Sarkozy while the President of France contacted Stiglitz and a group
of other famous economists to evaluate the limits of GDP and to develop better indicators to measure performance of economics and social progress.

The Stiglitz committee report was ready on 2009 and it is found as whole here:

Committee makes many suggestions totally 12 of them and they can be put into use NOW. Suggestions like put more weight into how wealth, income and consumption is divided and that inequality has to be evaluated pervasively taking all the fields of life into the account can be put into practice NOW. As it is the case in rest of them.

Humans can change what humans has created.

NOW is the time to say permanent NO to European Austerity and YES to Sustainable Economic Democracy.