Harem shorts sewing pattern

It’s been two years since I started working on this harem pants/shorts pattern. I started with babies pants and then updated it to bigger sizes, as my boy is a big fan of this comfy wear. I am now working on making it available for PDF download on my online shop. But until it is ready I am offering a free version of the harem shorts on size 4-6 years.

This model is a very easy fitting, as the comfy & loose style will cope with the growing. But what I like about this pattern is that though being harem, they are not too much large, so they look good on my boy, who is more to the skinny side.

Hope you enjoy it!

Main Fabric: You can use some college/sweat jersey knit. A sturdier fabric will give it a better shape. But I have also used some lightweight jersey with good results. For the shorts in the pictures above I used one of my favorite fabrics of all, the denim look jersey (sweatshirting) from nosh. They have a beautiful collection of organic knits.

Pocket Fabric: You will need two layers of single jersey – one front and one lining. You can use the same fabric for both or choose some different colors match. (Tip: you can also use lightweight weaved fabric for the lining – this gives the pocket a more sturdy look and makes it easier to sew)

Elastic – 1,8 to 2cm (3/4″) wide. I’m using 55cm (21,5″) of elastic (includes allowance for overlap). But you can measure the waist and cut to that size.

– Washable fabric marker or chalk;
– Scissors or rotary cutter and mat;
– Measuring tape;
– Hand sewing needle;
– 2 safety pins;
– Sewing machine;
– Serger (optional);
– Stretch (ball-point) needle;
– Double needle, ball-point (optional);
– Pins;
– Regular thread (polyester is recommended for knits).

Sewing knit fabrics is easier with a serger or an overlock foot. But you can use a regular sewing machine as well. In this case, always use a stretch stitch, such as a zigzag stitch or triple stitch (some sewing machine have this option).

First download and print the pattern from this link (please follow printing tips). Assemble it as shown, then cut the pattern.

1 . Trace and cut
Use the pattern to trace and cut your fabrics. Seam allowances are already included in the pattern, and they are 1 cm (3/8″) unless otherwise stated. Cut one back and one front panel in the fold of fabric (for front panel cut the top on the dash line). Copy pocket  marks to the front fabric.

For pocket, seam allowances are 0,5 cm (1/4″). Cut two layers of fabric.

2 . Assemble the pocket
Place pocket fabrics with Right Sides facing and sew as shown, leaving a gap for turning right side out. Place it on the front panel, stitching the top and the bottom of the pocket with an edgestitch (a seam that is stitched very close to the edge, usually less than 3mm – 1/8″).

In the image below you can see the seam in detail. I begin and finish with a very narrow zigzag stitches to reinforce, and I like to start at the sides and the follow to the top/bottom of the pocket. I use a triple stitch in this case, because it is stretchy, but you can use a small zigzag stitch. Regular stitch can also work here, but is more likely to break if your kid likes to use the pocket a lot (as my little guy does).

3 . Assemble the shorts
Place back and front panel with Right Sides facing and sew the sides and the crotch using a serger or a small zigzag stitch. I set my machine lenght and widht to 3.0mm or less.

4 . Make the waistband
There are many ways to add elastic to a waistband. In this case I’m showing how to make a casing and inserting the elastic into it.
Make a 0,5cm (1/4”) fold towards the Wrong Side of the fabric. Fold another 2,5cm (1”) and press. Hold with pins and sew with a zigzag or triple stitch. Leave about 5cm (2″) gap to insert the elastic.
 Insert the elastic through the casing using the safety pins. Overlap the elastic edges about 1cm (3/8″) and sew it together with a zigzag stitch. Close the gap. ( Tip: don’t close it before you try it on your kid, so you can adjust the elastic to the desired fit).

5 . Finish the legs bottom.

You can simply let it roll up, as jersey won’t fray. This is my favorite look. I make two 0,5cm (1/4″) folds and sew it down with a few zigzag stitches at both side seams. I like to use some contrast color.

Another way to finish is to make a hem with a double needle. Fold 1cm (3/8″) to the wrong side and stitch with a double needle (ball point or stretch).

That’s it. I’d love to see your creations if you adventure.
Meanwhile, I leave you with the beautiful and quite talented photographs of Bailey & Oscar, who have modeled our shorts. You can follow their Instagram account for some truly inspiring kidswear and family life.










Matilde Tunic Dress

It’s been a year since I made this summer dress. I loved the final result. It’s perfect for those really hot days (we have some heavy summer here), with some cute details. The straps make it easy to fit as our little girls grow. And voile, along with the back cut, gives it that final charm.

Since them I’ve working on the sewing pattern, among many other things in between. I finally managed to find the necessary time to review, on time for the new summer. The pdf pattern is now available for sizes 2T to 8Y. You can find at my Etsy shop, along with a few other baby and kids patterns.

Sewing for comfy boys

This post was due by November, but other projects are taking my full-time and the blog is on pause. Still, I just couldn’t skip this one, because I love how this pants turned out and my 5 year old loves it too. He only wears comfy pants, which can make shopping tricky sometimes. This is the first project I was able to sew on the new house/new tiny studio. The pattern is from Ottobre design 6/2015 and the fit is perfect. And the marvelous jersey fabric that looks like denim is from noshorganics One of our favorite fabrics for kids pants.

Este post já deveria ter saído em Novembro, mas o meu tempo tem andado ocupado por outros projectos que não me deixam respirar. Ainda assim, não podia deixar de partilhar este projecto, porque adorei o resultado final, e o rapazinho também. Ele só usa calças confortáveis, o que por vezes me dificulta as compras. Este foi o primeiro projecto que costurei na nova casa/novo mini-estúdio. O molde é da revista Ottobre Design 6/2015 e assenta-lhe na perfeição. O tecido fantástico, imitação de ganga, mas que na verdade é um jersey muito maleável e resistente (e biológico) é da noshorganics. Um dos nossos tecidos preferidos para fazer calças para a criançada. Não podia ser mais perfeito!

2016 | 2017


2016 foi um ano intenso, com momentos de grande beleza mas também pautado por nuvens de fumo denso. Estou feliz por receber um novo ano, com baterias carregadas para novas aventuras. Hoje demos as boas vindas a 2017 à porta do Zoo de Lisboa, com olhar atento, através da lente. Uma manhã fria, mas inspiradora.
2016 was intense, with moments of stunning beauty, but also ruled by clouds of dark smoke. I’m happy to start a new year, with new full batteries, ready for new adventures. Today we welcomed 2017 at the entrance of Lisbon’s Zoo, with a watchful eye, through the lens. A cold but inspiring morning.






Papel de Natal | Christmas wrapping paper

1511690_706524426151095_543193251306853694_n(Scroll down for english)

No Natal passado decidi embrulhar as prendas de natal em sacos de tecido feitos por mim, numa tentativa de combater o desperdício de papel que enfrentamos todos os anos nesta época. Fazem ideia da quantidade de papel necessário para embrulhar todas as prendas oferecidas numa única noite?

Bom, este ano podem convidar o Dodu para a vossa casa e ele vai-vos contar tudo sobre este assunto. Reciclar é apenas um dos passos. Mas será suficiente? Que mais podemos fazer nesta luta?

O DVD Papel de Natal está à venda nas lojas Fnac ou na loja online da Praça Filmes. E o Dodu vem acompanhado com um conjunto de outras curtas de animação para crianças. Podem ver o trailer abaixo.

E tenham um feliz Natal!

Last christmas I wrapped all my gifts in handmade fabric bags, in an attempt to fight all the waste of paper we face every year in this season. Do you have any idea of the amount of paper needed to all the gifts being offered in one single night?

Well, this year you can invite Dodu to your home and he can tell you all about it. Recycling is only one step. But is it enough? What else can we do to fight it?

The DVD is on sale at Fnac (Portugal) or at the online shop of Praça Filmes (sells worldwide). Contains subtitles in English and French. Check the trailer above.

And have a lovely Christmas


DVD Natal from Praça Filmes on Vimeo.

Parabéns !!! Happybirthday


na praia

Há 7 anos atrás tornei-me mãe e não fazia a mínima ideia do que isso queria dizer… Fui feita mãe da criatura mais intensa que conheço neste planeta, um tipo de mistura especial, que combina mil cardos do campo numa cuba de mel floral. Aqui não há preto no branco. Tudo flui num contínuo agridoce de várias intensidades. Foram uns incríveis 7 anos… Mas o dia de hoje reservou-nos outra surpresa igualmente maravilhosa… (depois das fotos)

Seven years ago I became a mother and I had no clue of what that meant… I was made mother to the most intense creature I know on this planet, a kind of a special blend, a mix of a thousand country thistles in a giant honey pot. There is no black or white here. It all flows in a bittersweet continuous of different intensities. It’s been the most amazing 7 years… But today the sun rises with a new wonderful surprise… (after the photos) 

4 mesessumo de cenoura #2furnaslago furnas#2comer sozinhacu_cuupraia2fisalis2escaravelhos escondidos#2açores#4DSC_6457photo camera 6WP_001434WP_001546OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Esta madrugada nasceu o Santiago ♥ e eu tornei-me Tia de coração cheio. Parabéns para mim e para a minha irmã!!!! Felicidades para a Gabriela e o Santiago !

Today Santiago was born ♥ and I became an Aunt. Congratulations to me and my sister !!!! Wishing all the best to Gabriela and Santiago on this marvelous day ! (next is a letter to my nephew in portuguese). 

Querido Santiago,

bem-vindo a este mundo incrível. Um novo bebé é um símbolo de esperança e comunhão. É poderoso, ainda que tão frágil. Encerra em si a nossa crença de que um mundo melhor é possível e de que os super-heróis existem de verdade. E tu tens hoje essa magia de abrir os olhos para o mundo pela primeira vez e veres a vida toda à tua frente. E eu, tua tia, só quero ser testemunha desse teu olhar e, companheira dos teus passos, receber essa energia que nos faz sonhar… Um grande abraço.


País sob fumo | A country under smoke

Um país em chamas. Estamos de férias debaixo de uma nuvem de fumo arrastada pelo vento até ao mar. O ar está estranhamente escurecido e o mar reflecte uma luz laranja. No céu, as 4h da tarde parecem 8h da noite. O fumo faz sombra sobre os barcos no horizonte, transformando um dia de sol intenso num dia fresco e nublado. (As fotografias não têm qualquer filtro ou tratamento).

O norte do país arde intensamente há vários dias. O ar está irrespirável, as pessoas tristes, o país negro. Muitas das nossas belezas naturais esfumaram-se, mais uma vez. A beleza das nossas serras transformou-se num local de fuga. Parques de campismo abandonados por campistas nacionais e estrangeiros que não encontram segurança, quer pelo fogo quer pelo fumo, numa paisagem que dias antes cortava a respiração, mas pela beleza que continha. Eu já abandonei a ideia de ir acampar, como de costume, na estrela. Este ano não há condições… Que dor. Que país. No rádio anunciam que a protecção civil diz que metade dos incêndios tem origem em negligência humana. Não havendo multas previstas para a estupidez humana, pergunto-me quantos mais hectares de património natural terão de desaparecer para educarmos os cidadãos, da mesma forma que se conseguiu educar para a redução drástica de acidentes automóveis, por exemplo. Pusemos cintos de segurança, punimos a condução com álcool, etc… Os acidentezinhos por beatas que voam de janelas (eu vi, várias), as fogueirazinhas acesas e abandonadas em dias de rajadas de vento descontroladas (eu também vi), não podem ser tratadas com puxõezinhos de orelhas e “para a próxima tenha mais cuidado”.
O “meu querido mês de Agosto” transformou-se num inferno de Agosto. Uma grande parte das pessoas faz férias junto ao mar, mas quem costuma desfrutar do interior sabe bem do que falo. Não há ano que não arda, aqui, ali ou por todo o lado. E é sempre uma dor.

A country on fire. We’re taking a holiday break under a cloud of smoke brought by the wind to the sea. The light is dark. The sea is orange. It’s 4 o’clock, but it looks like evening. The smoke is over the boats on the horizon, like a big cloud. (The photos have no type of filter).

The north of the country is burning for several days. The air is not breathable, the people sad, the country black. Our natural beauties turned into ash, once again. People are abandoning the campings in the beauty of the mountains, for both fire and smoke don’t let you chill out safely. We were going camping to the mountain, as usual, next week. But had to quit the idea. Painful. What a country.
On the radio they announce that one half of the ignitions results of human negligence. I wonder how many years more until we have a program of education (harsh, punitive education) like we had for car accidents, for instance. Everyone is now using security belts and drunk driving reduced dramatically. Little accidents because someone throws a burning cigarette through the window (I saw it), or leaves a fire without vigilance (I saw it too) cannot pass with just some mere warning.
It is simply awful this year, but it is the same every year. Fires everywhere. 

Os meus filhos brincam às fogueiras.

My kids playing of fireplaces.

Sewing on timeless days

It’s summertime. We’re enjoying some timeless days. And I’m taking time to sew for my kids. Here are a few photos of a very simple self-drafted dress with crossed straps in the back (not easy to see in the photos), and the forest we visited last weekend. She chooses the fabric
Chegou o verão. Temos aproveitado as últimas semanas para viver os dias de forma diferente. E eu tenho, finalmente, aproveitado para costurar para os meus filhos. Deixo aqui algumas fotos de um vestido, de desenho simples e improvisado na hora, com alças a cruzar nas costas (não se vê bem nas fotos), e da floresta que visitámos no fim de semana passado. O tecido foi escolhido por ela.

For my boy I made a pair of the harem shorts I sell at my shop (closed for vacation at the moment). He saw me sewing a special order on this B&W and he loved it. So he requested his right to have one of his own. They fit him lovely, and I think they are the perfect match for his new favorite hat (he is a hat lover since he was a baby).
Para o rapazinho, fiz uns calções no mesmo modelo que vendo na loja (de momento fechada para férias). Ele viu-me costurar uns com este bolso preto e branco (um pedido especial para uma cliente) e gostou tanto que pediu-me que fizesse também para si. Assentam-lhe lindamente, a acho que são a combinação perfeita para o seu chapéu favorito (ele adora chapéus desde bebé).